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I love the high mountain desert, feel a little antsy with small talk, and can't get enough of beautiful vocals over a good beat.

I’m committed to growing this community of dream-lovers and the dream-curious, bringing together healers, people in a healing process, artists, lovers of the Earth, and everyone else involved in growth and self-discovery.

I've had vivid dreams for as long as I can remember. I explored them on and off for years, without any real guidance, and then dove deep when I was in acupuncture school.

I was working toward my Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, on my way to my role now as a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist - and got my mind blown by the ways the symbolic language of Chinese medicine shows up in our dreams. (More about that on the Blog.) I've been offering dreamwork to my patients for 10 years. The power of dreams to inform the healing process truly amazes me.

Now I live in an especially gorgeous, extremely remote part of the world, in a community that tends to slow down in the Winter. For years, while agriculture and tourism are quiet and the nights are long, my dream group has been getting together. In my own healing process and my creative work, my dreams combined with support from my kind, perceptive dream group have been invaluable.

It was this group that inspired me to create The Dreamers' Den online. Facilitating these groups and hosting this podcast are an honor and a joy. I'm endlessly impressed, and deeply touched, by what each dreamer brings. We dive right in to the heart of things, engaging with our dreams and exploring creativity together.

Do you feel me on loving dreams?

On longing for meaningful conversation with people who want to dive deep?

On the sense that our dreams have more to tell us than we can unveil on our own?

I'd be honored to have you join our community.

Leilani Navar thedreamersden.org


I'd be thrilled to have YOU join The Dreamers' Den.

Every single person who joins a circle of dreamworkers brings their own unique voice and perspective.

Over and over, ONE idea, question, or "that reminds me of..." comment unlocks a whole new dimension of a dream.

  • Inside the Den, the members-only discussion forum is open 24/7. Here you can post dreams of your own and chime in on community members' dreams - any time, any day.
  • Once a month, I offer you a prompt or invitation for engaging with your dreams, and with each other. You can take me up on the invitation with every dream that month, or only at the moment(s) it feels right.
  • I'll send you a bonus podcast episode every month (not published on my public podcast). Some are from me, some from guest teachers. You'll listen to a deep dive on a specific dream symbol or dreamwork approach, and/or be offered a guided practice.
  • If you join the In the Flow tier, you'll get a 10% discount on tickets to live dream groups, where we dive deep together face to face, in real time. We start with a guided writing or drawing practice; work one person's dream in depth through Projective Dreamwork; and break out into small groups where you connect more intimately with 2-4 other dreamers.


  • If you join the Diving Deep tier, membership includes one live online dream group call per month. Plus, you'll have a members-only price for one-on-one dreamwork coaching calls with me.

All people are welcome in The Dreamers’ Den. All genders, races, ages, backgrounds, spiritualities, sexualities, nationalities, and beyond. I fully support each of you flourishing in your wholeness.

  • All topics are welcome here, too. You’ll never hear me say, “Don’t bring that up, it’s too political.” Our dreams don’t leave anything out. If it’s coming up in your dreams and it matters to you, let’s engage with it.
  • The only requirement is this: we gather in the spirit of deep respect and mutual support toward healing, growth, connection and inspiration. I am committed to protecting this as a safe space for each of you.
  • A dreamer’s beliefs, opinions, and lifestyle will never be up for “debate.” Everything will, though, be up for exploration, in the service of deeper understanding, as long as the dreamer wants to go there.
  • Group projective dreamwork can be a profound psychospiritual practice of deep listening, that opens our minds and grows our compassion. Diversity is essential, so we can receive projections on our dreams that we never would have considered from our own life experiences.
  • My personal lenses will often be the cosmology of Classical Chinese Medicine, opening to creative inspiration, and the Great Turning of human society toward living in a life-sustaining way on our planet.

Also, it’s super fun to talk dreams and laugh and get those “ah-ha” goosebumps together.

Full Membership at the "Diving Deep" tier is U.S.$24 per month.

Membership at the "In the Flow" tier is U.S.$12 per month.

Into it?

Oh good. We've been waiting for you.

Enter your email below to join the waitlist. I'll keep you posted on one-time dream groups and podcast episodes in the meantime.


Leilani, through study and experience, has an incredible capacity to "hear" the story of our body and soul through dreams. Her rare combination of critical thinking, medical intelligence and poetic basis of mind makes her a unique healer.

- Matthew C., MA Depth Psychology, Wilderness Guide

One of the things I appreciate most is Leilani's ability to listen to a dream, ask me thoughtful questions that help me to delve further into it, and then shape [an acupuncture] session based on what we've uncovered.

- Tessa B., Writer

I have been a dream worker for 13 years, and it is a powerful part of my inner life. Leilani's method of looking at dreams through the 5 element theory of Chinese medicine has opened up a whole new world of understanding for me.

- Jessica F., Massage Therapist, Musician & Dreamworker

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You + Your Dreams: Opening and Deepening the Relationship

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