Episode 28: What We Can Glean from the Foods that Show Up in Our Dreams (with Leilani Navar)

Dreamers Den Podcast Episode 28 What We Can Glean from the Foods that Show Up in Our Dreams hosted by Leilani Navar thedreamersden.org

The pizza dreams. The grocery store dreams. The Thanksgiving dinners and wilting vegetable gardens. The empty fridge. 

Of all the “food” dreams I’ve heard, the steak dream I share in this episode is one of my favorites. When the dreamer and I explored this dream, plenty happened, not all of it related to food. 

But the ah-ha moment that reached her right where she needed it most — that had to do directly with the steak. We wouldn’t have gotten there without listening to her unique answer to the question, “Who eats steak?”

Before I share that dream story, you’ll hear some of my favorite questions to ask about foods in dreams, and some insights from Classical Chinese Medicine’s understanding of food and flavors. 

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I’ll also talk about:

  • how dreams ask us about being not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually fed, nourished, and ful-“filled”
  • the natures and colors of individual foods
  • the effects that different flavors have on our bodies (how do we respond differently to a sour pickle vs. a sweet cookie?) 
  • themes of trying to find food
  • and cooking puns (dreams love puns!)

For those who love a list, here are notes on the flavors:

  • Sour: Wood element; enters Liver and Gallbladder channels; astringes, gathers, and absorbs; addresses “leakage” (like excessive sweating)
  • Bitter: Fire element; enters Heart and Small Intestine channels; contracts, descends, dries, and can be purging
  • Sweet: Earth element; enters Spleen and Stomach channels; tonifies and soothes; gently helps Qi expand up and out
  • Pungent (a.k.a. aromatic or spicy, like ginger or mint): Metal element; enters Lung and Large Intestine channels; expands and disperses; moves Qi up and out
  • Salty: Water element; enters Kidney and Bladder channels; moves Qi down and in; can detoxify or purge

Click “Play” now on the player above to hear how significant food in dreams can be, and to hear a deep dive on a dream about greasy steak and a thawing lake. Click here to view the transcript of this episode.

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