Episode 23: Dreams Don’t Take Anything Lightly (Highlights on Colors, Numbers and Characters from The Dreamers’ Den Members’ Episodes )

Dreams Don't Take Anything Lightly Highlights about Colors Numbers and Characters in Your Dreams from The Dreamers' Den Members Episodes with Leilani Navar thedreamersden.org

I’ve packed this Full Moon episode full of gems that I hope will bring you a few “ah-ha moments” about your own dreams. You’re going to hear highlights from three of our Members’ Episodes from the past 6 months.  Click “Play” above to listen now, or click on one of these links to listen on…

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Episode 17: Dreams, Acupuncture & the Five Elements (a conversation with Leilani Navar on The Dream Journal)

The Dreamers' Den Podcast Episode 17 Leilani Navar on The Dream Journal thedreamersden.org

Click here to listen on Apple Podcasts (iTunes) Click here to listen on Spotify Have you ever had a massage, or maybe an acupuncture treatment, and gotten the, “Yep, that’s the spot,” feeling when a certain point on your body was pressed? In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we call those “ah shi” points. “Ah shi” translates…

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Episode 11: Dreams, the Female Cycle, and Navigational Corrections

Dreams the Female Cycle and Navigational Corrections with Geraldine Matus The Dreamers Den Podcast with Leilani Navar thedreamersden.org

Click Play above, or listen on Apple, Spotify, or Stitcher. You’re about to meet another teacher dear to my heart, Geraldine Matus. She is founder and academic director of Justisse College International. Like Bob Quinn (Episode 5), she’s a holistic healthcare provider who is passionate about dreams and the symbolic realm. You’ll hear her share…

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