Episode 2: Cognition is the Gardening Tool of the Soul (a conversation with Will Sharon)

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What can you learn from a kid with nightmares, a young therapist at the VA, a corporate executive, a life coach, and a dreamworker?

Everything in this episode! Will Sharon has been in all of those roles, and his combination of education, experience and care for people shine through in this conversation.

I think you’ll really enjoy this episode. Scroll down and hit “Play” now – or read on to find out a little more about what he and I discuss.

Will and I talk about nightmares, and how they play a role in growth and healing in adults, as well as how they are slightly different for kids. We talk about why it’s not ideal to fracture our experience into “conscious vs. unconscious” or “waking vs. dreaming.” He describes how to use active imagination to help a dream live in us and inform us over time (and the example Will uses is an imagined conversation with a dream character who was frightening).

I think you’ll like hearing Will’s perspective on how to share our dreams: how important it is to write the whole dream down; how to find the right person to share your dreams with; and also how important it is NOT to broadcast the insights you’ve gotten from a dreamwork session until you’ve allowed them to live in you for a time.

Hit “Play” and listen to the whole conversation right here. Then come post your questions, your “ah-ha” moments, or any dreams it brings to mind for you in our free FaceBook group.

Will Sharon’s website: www.willsharon.com. On YouTube: Will Sharon’s Channel.

Music by East Forest.

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