Episode 7: How to Sleep Well and Remember Your Dreams

Dreamers' Den Podcast Episode 7 Leilani Navar on Remembering Dreams and Sleeping Well

Know that feeling of a dream having just slipped away? Where you’re sure you were dreaming, but now, nothing is left except a sense that you were somewhere else a moment ago? If you’re wishing to better remember your dreams, this one’s for you. It’s not only about remember dreams, though. I’ll start with some…

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Are Your Dreams Speaking this Language?

How the 5 Elements Are Speaking in Your Dreams wood fire earth metal water thedreamersden.org

Your dreams are rich with symbols, even symbols you might never have heard of. This video is an intro to the Five Elements (as used in Traditional Chinese Medicine) and how they show up in your dreams. You’ll learn about each element’s motion, color, season, emotion, and corresponding organ in the body. Grab the free…

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