Metal Element Imagery In Dreams

Metal imagery in dreams Five Element dream interpretation by Leilani Navar at

Yes and no. The radiance of sound and light. Poignancy. Grief.

In the cosmology of Chinese medicine, these resonate with the Metal element.

This means they also resonate with the Lungs – think of an inhale, discernment of what stays (oxygen) and what goes (carbon dioxide), then an exhale. The Large Intestine is our other “Metal organ.” It, too, sorts what stays from what goes, and then releases.

Metal also governs the skin – another boundary. Sadness. The season of Autumn, and the time of sunset.

The Metal element might show up in our dreams directly as one of the images I just mentioned, or it might show up in other ways, inviting our attention to turn toward the whole web of Metal connotations.

Downward movement, maybe as falling.

A blade.

Jewelry. Money and value.

Vulnerability and exposure – naked dreams, anyone? Shelter? Something uncovered, or something concealed?

The colors white and silver.

Mountaintops, and their crisp air.


How is Metal showing up in your dreams? Or do you notice Metal’s absence?

Consider Metal’s presence or absence as an invitation to explore the health of your breathing, of your elimination, of your relationship to letting go. Check some acupressure points on your Lung and Large Intestine channels and see what’s tender – those might be important places to massage.

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